Fiverr and Questionable Gigs

I got a message from a buyer on Fiverr the other day asking me if I knew about PBNS. This question was in reference to a gig that I have on the website for creating a WooCommerce Child Theme in WordPress.

I had no clue what it was so I responded with, “No, sorry I don’t.” The buyer’s responds was, “Yes, you do. You build WordPress sites don’t you?” I responded with a yes but explained that the gig is for a WooCommerce child theme for an online store. Even then it was only for minor changes. They didn’t want to take no for an answer and it continued on almost to the point of harassment.

I did some research on PBNS as this person was sending me messages and I found that a PBN is a private blog network. They are considered a black hat tactic to get back links to your website. It is a practice that Google frowns on and has been known to ban sites that they catch doing it. That is probably why I don’t know how to build them because my knowledge of building WordPress sites stems from what I have built for myself. I would never build myself a site that could possibly get banned because to me, it is a waste of time. It would be like building a house on quicksand. What would be the point?

I turned them down for two reasons. Number one, I am more of a front end designer and I don’t know anything about building a PBN. And two, the buyer got nasty with me when I tried to explain that so I wouldn’t want work with them anyway.

It was only after that I checked out their profile on Fiverr and discovered that they are also a seller. They have a new gig posted to create a PBN for $45.00. My gig goes for $15.00. The WordPress site that this person wanted me to build involved 200 domains which would be a lot of work. I would do a job like for a small amount of money. I assume that they wanted me to do all of the hard work for only $15.00 and then turn around and charge people $45.00.

After I saw their profile I was glad that I turned them down. The idea of this does not sit well with me. Is this considered a questionable practice? Because I know how frustrating working with WordPress can be I would not expect someone to do the work for nothing and then turn around and resell it for a lot more money. It brings a question to my mind, though. What do other freelancers think of this sort of thing? If you are in the freelance business I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

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