The Craziness of Juggling Multiple Pen Names

Almost everyone has a profile on some form of social media today. But when you have to set them up and maintain them for your business it can feel like a chore, especially if you have several profiles to maintain. Don’t get me wrong, I love Facebook as long as I am sharing cute puppy pictures. It is when I have to maintain the business page for my author’s profile and my website that it gets to be a drag.

You are probably thinking who would be crazy enough to try to juggle multiple profiles? I can answer that in one word, authors. When I first became a self-publishing author I only wrote books under one name. But then I read an article about pen names and how they are great if you want to write in several different genres or niches. I thought, “What a good idea!” I have a wide range of interests that I wanted to write so I jumped right in. Then I realized that each pen name should have a separate profile attached to it if you are actually going to sell any books. Yikes!

If you have to maintain a lot of different profiles it is a real time suck. Just one profile usually involves Facebook, Twitter, and possibly other social media platforms. To be really effective there could also be a blog attached to it as well. Let’s face it; there are only so many hours in a day. It is great if you can hire a social media manager to do everything for you but not all of us can afford that. So one or more of those profiles is bound to suffer because of the overload.

As an author that writes under several different pen names, I still think it is a good way to go. The reason that it works best for me as an author is the fact that I like to write in a variety of niches. I found that it is difficult to build a platform if your book topics are all over the place. But the unwanted side effect from it is juggling multiple profiles. So I continue to write that way and keep up as best I can. I have really learned to manage my time well as a result.

Many authors use pen names for the reason that I mentioned. But there are other reasons for using them too. Some people have day jobs that they want to keep their writing persona separate from. Or some people just want to hide their identity, period. Although, I don’t know how well that would work with today’s sophisticated technology.

So if you are also faced with the same dilemma try putting yourself on a schedule. Do certain things on certain days. I have found that is what works best for me. That way your separate identities will stay manageable.

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