If You Build It They Won’t Necessarily Come

The saying, “If you build it, they will come” may work for Kevin Costner.  But if you are trying to get followers to your website, the reality is that they only show up after a lot of hard work and marketing! This is especially true if you have a brand new website.

It is one of the main reasons why it is a good idea to start with something like WordPress.com or Blogger.com rather that a self-hosted site. It all boils down to web traffic in the end. If you use one of these services you have instant traffic. It is a good way to get people reading what you have to say as soon as you post. I can’t speak for Blogger.com because I have never used it. But I can highly recommend WordPress.com. It is easy to set up your blog and it is also a great community to be part of.

I know that almost every blog that you read says that a self-hosted site is always better. But these people probably already have millions of followers. You have to consider what you will be starting with. You will have no page ranking and no indexed content. You will be your own audience. I have been there and it feels like you are blogging to yourself. I hate that feeling!

If you choose to go with WordPress.com, I have read that if you install the Jetpack plugin it gets your blog into the reader where everybody sees your posts. But I don’t think that is true because I have tried it both ways and trust me, instant traffic is so much better! Don’t get me wrong, building a website from scratch is something to be proud of. I love doing it. I am building my premade book cover store on a self-hosted site. But it will still be a task getting traffic to it.

A store really has to be on a self-hosted site if you want to have control of it. But, because I know that it will be hard to get traffic to it I chose to put my blog on WordPress.com and then link my self-hosted store to it. In the future, if my blog traffic grows I will move it to a self-hosted site.

You have to take everything into consideration and think strategically when you are planning your setup. Almost every site out there today has a blog attached to it no matter what it is. I figured that starting the blog side of things on a service like WordPress.com would help me get traffic.

So whether you are creating a blog for your business or for yourself, consider using WordPress.com to start. If you post frequently you will be amazed at how quickly you gain a following.

One thought on “If You Build It They Won’t Necessarily Come

  1. Love this!I’m sure these tips are going to be useful, can’t wait to try them out!Lots of love,keep blogging!I’d love for you to check my blog out too!


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