QuarkXPress Deal for Longtime InDesign Users

If you are a longtime InDesign user but you sometimes feel there are some features that it lacks then you should checkout QuarkXPress 2019. You can find it here: https://www.quark.com/Products/QuarkXPress/InDesign-Alternative/.

Right now they are running a deal for people who are longtime InDesign users. If you have proof that you use Adobe InDesign such as a receipt for your current monthly or yearly subscription then you can get the software for half price at $450.00. It sounds like a lot but it is much more than that at full price. The great thing about it is that it is a onetime payment with no monthly or yearly subscription fees to have to pay, (A feature that I am not happy about with the new Adobe CC). But Unfortunately I need the current versions of the software to my work and complete orders. I need both InDesign and Photoshop to do that. I am sure that many other designers are in the same boat.

QuarkXPress has actually been around a long time but I never really took a good look at it because I have always used Adobe products. Until I found the need to create fixed-layout ebooks for both the Amazon Kindle and Apple iBooks. InDesign will export and .epub file for Apple iBooks, but there is no way to export a .mobi file in fixed-layout format which is what is needed for the Amazon Kindle.

This software does that and much more! You can create reflowable ebooks,(the common ones sold everywhere), as well as fixed-layout ebooks for both Amazon Kindle and Apple iBooks. It exports the correct file formats for both with no extra work. And the output files come out beautiful and work perfectly everywhere. You can also create the print book version in the same project.

You can create apps and HTML 5 publications in this software too which I haven’t tried yet. Even if you don’t want to totally stop using Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress is a good tool to have in your toolbox so that you can offer more to your customers and ultimately make more money as a freelancer.


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