What Ebook Format Will Work for You

What Ebook Format Will Work for You?

Many people don't know it but there is more than one type of ebook. The two types of formats are a reflowable and a fixed layout. What type you should use depends on the layout of your book. I will go over both formats in this blog post. The most common type is a reflowable … Continue reading What Ebook Format Will Work for You?

Choosing the Right Font

Choosing the Right Fonts

After your book is written you should give some thought to the type of font you want to use for both the cover and the content. Whether you intend to format it yourself or you decide to have someone else do it for you there should still be some thought put into it. The font … Continue reading Choosing the Right Fonts

Planning Your Children's Book

Planning Your Children’s Book

I can't stress enough the importance of laying out a plan for your book before you write one line of text or design a single illustration, especially if you are a children's book author. Most children's books have full-page images and possibly even text. So everything needs to fit together in a way that a … Continue reading Planning Your Children’s Book

QuarkXPress Deal for Longtime InDesign Users

QuarkXPress Deal for Longtime InDesign Users

If you are a longtime InDesign user but you sometimes feel there are some features that it lacks then you should checkout QuarkXPress 2019. You can find it here: https://www.quark.com/Products/QuarkXPress/InDesign-Alternative/. Right now they are running a deal for people who are longtime InDesign users. If you have proof that you use Adobe InDesign such as … Continue reading QuarkXPress Deal for Longtime InDesign Users

Ebook Functionality and the Writing Process

Are you planning on publishing an ebook soon? If you are then you need to consider how ebook reading devices function. If you don't format your own books then you may think you don't need to be concerned with this aspect of things. You may think that it is the person's job that hire to … Continue reading Ebook Functionality and the Writing Process