Children's Ebook and Print Book Formatting

Children’s Ebook and Print Book Formatting

This gig is a combination of my children's ebook and children's print book gigs. If you need both an ebook and print book formatted then this gig will save you money. The files delivered are the same,  1 .mobi file for Amazon Kindle, 1 .epub for Apple iBooks-Kobo, and 1 PDF file for your print … Continue reading Children’s Ebook and Print Book Formatting

Planning Your Children's Book

Planning Your Children’s Book

I can't stress enough the importance of laying out a plan for your book before you write one line of text or design a single illustration, especially if you are a children's book author. Most children's books have full-page images and possibly even text. So everything needs to fit together in a way that a … Continue reading Planning Your Children’s Book

Preparing Images for Your Book

In this blog post, I want to talk about image preparation for your book. You may not know it, but there are requirements for the images that you add to your books. If your images don't meet the guidelines where you intend to publish then your book will be rejected. If your book is mainly … Continue reading Preparing Images for Your Book

stock photography

Stock Photography Doesn’t Have to Cost a Fortune

The number of stock photography site on the internet today is dizzying. Some of them are also quite expensive. If you rely on stock photography for your designs, like I do, it can really cut into your profits. When you do a search for these sites the big name ones such as or … Continue reading Stock Photography Doesn’t Have to Cost a Fortune