What Ebook Format Will Work for You

What Ebook Format Will Work for You?

Many people don't know it but there is more than one type of ebook. The two types of formats are a reflowable and a fixed layout. What type you should use depends on the layout of your book. I will go over both formats in this blog post. The most common type is a reflowable … Continue reading What Ebook Format Will Work for You?

Ebook and Print Book Formatting

Ebook and Print Book Formatting

I will turn your Word document into ebook files, as well as a print-ready PDF for publishing. When your files are completed you will be able to upload them anywhere. I will deliver 1 mobi file for Amazon Kindle, 1 epub file for Apple iBooks and other sites, and 1 PDF file for your print … Continue reading Ebook and Print Book Formatting

What Every Author Needs to Know

What Every Author Needs to Know

As a book formatter, I work with many authors that are new to self-publishing which I can relate to because I was new to it at one time too. But what I can't relate to is not wanting to learn what every self publishing author should know to be in control of their books. There … Continue reading What Every Author Needs to Know

Choosing the Right Font

Choosing the Right Fonts

After your book is written you should give some thought to the type of font you want to use for both the cover and the content. Whether you intend to format it yourself or you decide to have someone else do it for you there should still be some thought put into it. The font … Continue reading Choosing the Right Fonts

EBook Cover Design

It goes without saying that you need a good book cover for your ebook. In this blog post, I want to share some of the DIY design tips that I use to create ebook covers for my own books as well as for my premade book cover store. First off, take a little bit of … Continue reading EBook Cover Design

Ebook Formatting

Send me your Word document or book file and I will format it into an ePub file that will be accepted on all self-publishing platforms. I format fiction as well as nonfiction eBooks. I will add: clickable TOC and clickable links, bulleted and numbered lists, and things such as drop caps to your ebook. I … Continue reading Ebook Formatting