Ebook Formatting

Send me your Word document or book file and I will format it into an ePub file that will be accepted on all self-publishing platforms. I format fiction as well as nonfiction eBooks.

I will add: clickable TOC and clickable links, bulleted and numbered lists, and things such as drop caps to your ebook. I include unlimited images with all packages. Your images need to be large, 300 dpi high quality images. I will crop andresize them to fit your ebook. I don’t edit images for quality.

DO NOT SUBMIT A SINGLE PDF FILE OR ANY PDF FILES! All image illustrations must be submitted individually.

Please Note: The revisions I offer are for formatting issues ONLY.

What You Will Get:

  • 1 .MOBI File
  • 1 .EPUB File
  • A clickable Table of Contents and Clickable Links
  • Unlimited images
  • 3 revisions

Ask For Samples!

Pricing For This Gig:

Basic Package: $20.00

  • Up to 25 pages – 3 day delivery

Standard Package: $30.00

  • Up to 50 pages – 4 day delivery

Premium Package: $45.00

  • Up to 100 pages – 5 day delivery

Order Here


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